We were thrilled to stumble upon an article in the December 2010 issue of O Magazine about goji berries! Goji berries were listed in an article titled, 4 Easy-to-Find Superfoods That Won’t Break the Bank, about Superfoods that were easy to find!! The author, Erin Biba, shares the super benefits of goji, including the source of beta-carotene. We loved that the article compared the benefits of goji berries to other fruits and vegetable sources of nutrients. This was written in the December edition of O Magazine, which also happened to include all of Oprah’s Favorite things! Ahh!

Oprah Magazine goji berriesMiracle Food: Goji

Also known as wolfberry, goji is a red-orange berry most commonly found in China.

Miracle Nutrient: Carotenoids. Some makers of goji products claim this berry can work miracles like extending one’s life. There’s no proof of that, but goji is particularly rich in the carotenoid beta-carotene, which the body turns into retinol, a form of vitamin A that may boost the immune system.

Mega Price: An 18-ounce bag of dried goji berries can cost $20; a liter bottle of goji juice typically costs $35.

Common Sources: Plain old leafy greens are an excellent source of beta-carotene. A half-cup serving of boiled spinach provides 230 percent of your daily value (DV); the same amount of kale offers 190 percent DV. Carrots are another source (one raw carrot provides 175 percent DV), as are apricots, peas, and red peppers.

Source: O Magazine
Author: Erin Biba